Review: Vision in Silver

Vision in Sivler
Vision in Silver is the third book by Anne Bishop following Meg Corbyn and the Others – following Written in Red and Murder of Crows – in an alternate reality where humans are nowhere near the top of the food chain.

Meg Corbyn is a cassandra sangue, a “blood prophet”, who, through cutting their skin and bleeding, can foretell a possible future. This makes the cassandra sangue and their prophecies a commodity to be bought and sold. The first book dealt with Meg and her assimilation into society, both the Courtyard of the Others and human society. The second book dealt with the cassandra sangue and their abuse at the hands of other humans. The third book deals with further repercussions of the actions in the second book as well as a continuation of the entire integration plot line.

Those who are expecting a lot of Meg Corbyn in this novel will be disappointed as the focus of this novel is not so much on Meg as it is on Simon and the Others. The interactions between Meg and Simon continue to change both human and Other as their relationship continues to evolve. For me, the loss of focus on Meg was something I was not expecting as the character of Meg was very endearing to me. Her childlike perspective on the world and her naive approach to everything made me want to care and protect Meg. Her maturity in this book has improved and it would have been nice to see how this maturity manifests itself in the new world that she is creating around herself. Alas, the author decided to concentrate more on Simon, the Others and the cast of characters that Ms. Bishop has added to the novel.

The cast of characters, while most are unique and disparate individuals within the novel, sometimes have a tendency of blurring together making it difficult to differentiate amongst the cast. The cast is definitely larger in this novel, introducing a number of new characters and increasing the complexity of the novel and the overall series.

That being said, the world that Anne Bishop has created is vibrant and full of wonder. As each novel progresses we gain a better understanding of the world that Meg lives in, but at the same time that it provides answers it exposes additional mysteries. The characters are rich and even those with what you would expect are straightforward motivations show surprising ability to adapt to the new order.

The story of the cassandra sangue and the Humans First and Last continue to intertwine and the results show the depth of cruelty in the humans of this world. The story also shows, however, the depth of resolve, understanding and compassion that humans have, exemplified by the one human who has been the most trod upon – Meg.

If you liked the first two novels then you should like Vision in Silver. If you have not read the other novels in the series then I recommend that you read them first and then follow up with Vision in Silver. While this novel could be read as a stand-alone story, it is best enjoyed with the background of the first two novels still in your mind.  And as always, the cover is exquisitely done and, to me at least, really makes Meg come to life.


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