Flash Fiction – Death Personified

Based upon the writing prompt located at A Writing Prompt A Day

They said that the pain would go away in a few months as the bones knitted together. They said that the memory of that night would fade away and I’d be able to sleep better, hopefully without medication. They said that I would probably be able to walk again, with luck, and patience.  They said a lot of things, but they never said what happened to her.

I closed my eyes in order to concentrate better.  I let the sounds of the various machines around me fade into the background as I concentrated on remembering that night.  Remembering all of the details of Saturday night.  Last Saturday night?  The world faded, bit by bit, the sounds muted by his own breathing.

It had been a beautiful Saturday night.  The moon was out and warmth of summer kept the night comfortably warm, even down by the dock where Meghan and I were walking.  Hand in hand.  Almost looking at each other more than minding where we were walking.  I stumbled as my toe caught a raised board and Meghan reached out, faster than I would have ever thought possible and grabbed my arm, preventing me from falling.  We looked at each other for a moment before she laughed.

“You really need to watch where you’re walking Wade.  You can’t have women saving your butt all the time.”  The corners of her mouth inched upward in a little smirk, but the humour in her eyes made it all a playful jest.

“Maybe I did it on purpose,” I said, moving closer to her.  I took the hand that was still on my arm and placed it over my heart, letting her feel the rapid pounding within my chest.  “Maybe I did it in order to get close to you.”

I tilted my head downward slightly as I came in closer, looking in her eyes for any sign of rejection.  All I saw was the unadulterated love that we had for each other.  I put my hand underneath her chin and tilted her head up slightly.  I lightly caressed her lips with mine – the barest of touches, yet she breathed in quickly as if both expecting it and surprised by the tenderness.  I moved forward again and gently nibbled her plump bottom lip.  Her head tilted back and she pressed her body tight to mine.  I fed on her emotion and started kissing her along the chin, aiming for the spot on her neck below her ear.  Her weak spot.

I didn’t really register the sound of the footfalls or the sound of the gun being cocked, but Meghan did.  I found myself being thrown to the ground as Meghan tried to get me out of harm’s way.  My nose hit the wooden walkway and the sound of breaking cartilage penetrated my skull.  The sound of gunshots quickly followed.

I looked up in time to see Meghan breaking the neck of the man in front of her and using his body as a shield against the next attacker.  As she got closer she literally threw the bullet ridden body at him, causing him to pause in his firing.  Meghan closed in and quickly dispatched him as well.

I stood up, my hand reaching for my handkerchief so that I could plug the hole previously known as my nose and stop the bleeding.  The carnage before me was complete, but that’s what you get when you mess with my babe.  I started to smile at Meghan when I saw the third attacker throw something in our direction.  I had time to scream her name before it exploded and flew backwards, hitting my head on one of the pier posts.

I regained consciousness enough to see her body being dragged off before succumbing to the darkness.

They haven’t told me anything about Meghan.  I need to find her.

I will find her.


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