Review: The Fold: A Novel


The Fold: A Novel by Peter Clines
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*** Advanced Reader Copy received from the Publisher ***

The Fold: A Novel surprised me in many ways. Peter Clines previous successes revolved around the EX series of novels with superheroes and zombies. The Fold: A Novel is about ordinary people and how they change both subtly and, occasionally, in dramatic fashion.

A sweeping, world-saving epic, the novel is surprisingly focused on just a single individual: Mike Erikson, a man with the ability to recall anything that he has seen. But Mike doesn’t want this gift/curse, he just wants to be “normal”. And he is relatively successful at being normal until an old friend of his dangles a situation in front of him that they both know he cannot resist. Apparently a group of DARPA researchers have discovered something better than teleportation, the ability to “fold” space/time and create a doorway to another place. This doorway, dubbed The Albuquerque Door, is what forces Mike to use his perfect memory.

The characters in the novel are well conceived, quirky, and fit together like pieces of a jigsaw. I can envision the group working together towards a common goal as they feed off each other.

The novel, beyond the first chapter, has a slow build up, but by no stretch of the imagination is it boring. When the novel shifts gears there is so much momentum in the story that you are swept up and just hang on for the ride.

Combining the best of the twentieth-century disaster novels and twenty-first century writing, The Fold: A Novel introduces two new heroes into the world: Mark Erikson and Peter Clines.

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