Review: Aquila


Aquila by Sue-Ellen Pashley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*** Advanced Reader Copy provided by the Publisher ***

It has been a long time since a novel captivated me so completely that I finished it in a single sitting. Aquila is the first to do so in ten years or more and every second I spent with the novel was worth it.

The characters were complex and yet so believable that I could envision them being friends when I was growing up or as friends of my daughters. And while the novel was written in the traditional three act style, the author did not let that her stop her from creating a world that grabbed me from the start and would not let me go. The alternating of the perspective between the two main characters kept the story moving and made you more fully understand the anguish that each of them felt about the situation.

It is, ultimately, a novel that tries to show you that who you fall in love with is a decision that you need to make for yourself. Whether that love is based on years of gradually getting to know each other or through “love at first sight”, the decision is yours.

While this may be the debut novel of Sue-Ellen Pashley it is impossible to tell. Weaving story and emotions into an elegant tapestry of character development, this is a novel that I am very happy that I got to know.



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