Review: Ice Kissed


Ice Kissed by Amanda Hocking
My rating: 54.5 of 5 stars

*** Advanced Reader Copy provided by the publisher ***

Ice Kissed is the second book in the Kanin Chronicles by Amanda Hocking and is a worthy successor to the first novel Frostfire. The world of the trolls is fascinating, with the exception that Canada seems to be a world locked in snow and ice. As I write this I am in Banff National Park in March staring at … green. Perhaps this is a world without global warming?

The writing is crisp and precise and the story moves along at a quick pace. When you can empathize with the character the author has done a good job of portraying the characters strengths and faults and presents them a situation that seems all too real. That is what Amanda Hocking has done in Ice Kissed as Bryn seems truly tortured by the events transpiring around her. Trapped in a world where her desire for justice, for doing what her heart tells her, causes a rippling effect throughout the community, Bryn is forced to follow a path that she doesn’t enjoy, but that she must follow..

For me, at least, the ending of Frostfire seemed incomplete while Ice Kissed seems to be just right. Bryn is faced with a number of choices and behaves exactly how I would expect her to behave and while the overall story arc still continues the storyline in Ice Kissed seems complete. This is not labelled as a mystery, however, so don’t expect the plot to be complex and convoluted. The plot is somewhat see-through and mystery lovers will find it somewhat weak. As a Young Adult fantasy, however, the mystery is used as a character development tool and in that the novel does what needs to be done.

Believable characters combined with an excellent adventure. What more do you need?


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